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Frozen Elsa Cake Fun

I meant to post this months ago, but time got away from me and just revisiting this Day was worth the wait!

Oh, let the Frozen Elsa fun start. Every little girl deserve the experience of a barbie cake because it’s a right of passage. I remember having one when I was little and it was a dream come true. As a adult, this cake creation has become the party show stopper! People just don’t make cakes like they did when I was younger which creates a special experience for any birthday girl with this special cake.

Which brings me to my sous chef Christina….

Christina did an amazing job on her batch of frosting. Buttercream frosting is no joke and something I hope she remembers forever….Crisco everywhere! Ha.

Christina’s daughter turned 4 and we teamed up to create this special cake for her daughter’s Elsa themed party. Ever since I made Addison a barbie cake for her birthday in May, I’ve been dying to make another version of this cake! Christina helped me and we had so much fun. (The wine definitely helped with the minor meltdowns about the Elsa doll actually having to go INSIDE to cake.)

Upon arrival, Christina had all the cake layers baked and cooled which helped speed up the process. We just had to make the frosting and decorate. The whole process took 2 hours. Worth every minute to see her daughter’s face when she saw the completed cake.

We actually had 6 layers to hold the Elsa Barbie doll. And I just love this picture because this is how I would look baking in my dream kitchen.

Note the empty wine glass..this type of creativity takes a little rose influence. It was such a fun night.

It was Christina’s idea to do the ombre colors and I loved how it turned out. A true beauty. The look on her daughter’s face was priceless.

Above: the Elsa cake

Below: the Barbie cake I made for my daughter’s birthday in May

Such improvement!

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